How Safe is Route 66 for Tourists?

How Safe is Route 66 for Tourists?

Is the Route still secure for tours? Precisely and pragmatically, the safety of travellers across different parts of Route 66 is still high. Only a handful of cases of tackiness have been reported so

America is full of roads and highways that offer an excellent glimpse of its scenic features. One of these roads is the iconic Route 66 that has remained at the centre of attractions for decades. However, there is no doubt that the nostalgia that was once attached to this route is gradually going down the drain. This is due to factors relating to dilapidation of some of its parts and safety issues.

So, how about the safety aspect? Is the Route still secure for tours? Precisely and pragmatically, the safety of travellers across different parts of Route 66 is still high. Only a handful of cases of tackiness have been reported so far. Otherwise, with tender care and precautions at hand, there is a negligible probability that you will fall vulnerable to any form of victimization.

With 20% of the road under a disrepair state and a number of its historical parts passing through ghost towns, personal initiatives are key for a glitzy experience. These six initiatives will help you a bunch in improving on your personal safety.

1. Only travel during the day

Streets of cities such as Chicago and Las Vegas are small heavens during night time. Oftentimes, you will be tempted to think about travelling at night along these streets to get your fair share of what they have to offer. To be on the safer side of the world, don’t even try that.

Tourists are popular targets for thieves and other rowdy gangs. When you are new in any town, you will absolutely stand out, naturally due to the unused surrounding. In the night, thieves and robbers mask in the darkness that comes along. This not only increases their chances of sporting you without your knowledge but also the risks of harming you.

It all starts with avoiding seedier areas upon making any visitation. You can then avoid travelling during the night. You can ask your hotel manager of a list of safe places to visit in the night. Otherwise, Route 66 tour is mainly a countryside tour. To get a full package of the scenic beauties that come along its course, there is no doubt that you will need to travel during the day.

Route 66 Travel During the Day

 2. Be certain about your environment

Mindful tour along route 66 starts with knowing your environment better. First and foremost, before embarking on an epic journey, do some little research about every point that you are going to traverse. Research about the motels you will spend your nights. Do assessments on the tackiest spots along the route based on past criminal records. You can join travel savvies sites on the internet that speaks about experiences of security around Route 66. From members’ observations and messages, you can know about where to give more attention than others.

During the journey, make sure that you remain at par with the assessments made prior without ignoring even one. At a time, you may need to apply instincts. For example, if you think that where you are packing is not secure, you can go ahead and pack somewhere else. On event when you think that someone is auspiciously following you, try as much as you can to divert to main roads such as interstate highways before raising an alarm.

3. Some little protection matters a lot

The attack is the best form of defence. This narrative applies even during your journey. However, it exclusively applies whenever you are attacked but not otherwise.

For ordinary Americans and some other residence from states that allows for legal ownership of firearms, one thing that creeps your mind is whether you should carry the weapon on your journey. To be honest, firearms are not recommended during Route 66 tours for two reasons.

First, Route 66 passes through 8 states—some of which do not support ownership of firearms by private individuals. So the only way to stay away from the long arm of the federal governments is through leaving the machine back at home.

Secondly, the risk of death is highly associated with the use of firearms. Yes, you may be protecting your life, but any uneventful mistake may lead to a loss of your own life. This happens mostly when travelling with a person that doesn’t know how to pull the trigger and balance the shooting. Also, attacks happen when least expected, so you may be caught unaware. The best form of protective equipment to carry is the sprayer.

Route 66 walking alone

 4. Avoid risky behaviours as plague

Chances are high that you are going to engage in risky behaviour when traversing Route 66. For heavy drinkers, we are sorry; this is the time to count on your 40 days of fasting. Risky behaviour has not only the potential of draining your pockets but also rendering you vulnerable to attack.

The booze from narcotics and impairment from drugs will oftentimes render you vulnerable to attacks. When you blackout along your journey, you will be giving the attackers a good chance to harm you without a chance of self-protection.

If at all you must do with a bottle of alcohol, here are the rules to keep in mind.

  • Carry your own bottle

To stay on the safer side of the world, try and carry your own bottles. Usually, different states have different regulations on alcoholic drinks. The same type of bottle you normally take at home may have a different amount of alcoholic content that can easily lame your psychology. Otherwise, you may be surprised to realize that the booze you have gulped down the throat is counterfeit.

  • Don’t drink too much

Too much of something is very dangerous. Don’t underestimate your intake. To control the amount consumed throughout the journey, you can try out your intake volumes before hitting the road.

  • Don’t drink with locals

You hardly understand who those unfamiliar people are. By associating and drinking with them, you are likely to increase your chances of over-drinking hence intoxication. Secondly, criminals masks in groups of hospitable locals with huge hearts to help. Once they lure you into drinking, they study your psychology and devise the best time and method to attack.


Your security starts with personal efforts. It starts with who you associate with and how good you are at assessing your environment for any potential harm. Otherwise, Route 66 is overly safe for touring any time of the month.

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