Is Route 66 and i40 the Same?

is i40 and route 66 the same

Nobody does not like a nice and smooth ride through the highway while listening to some good music. One of the best countries to have such car rides is the United States. The country has amazing

Nobody does not like a nice and smooth ride through the highway while listening to some good music. One of the best countries to have such car rides is the United States. The country has amazing roads that swirl around different states. As you drive around, you will come across two famous routes, i40 and 66. These routes have confused many years, and we are here to clear any doubt anyone would have.


Route 66

The history of route 66 began in 1857. In this year, Lt Edward Beale was ordered to construct a wagon road along the 35th parallel. Edward was a naval officer at that time.  The road was to be fully funded by the United States government. That was not the only order that Mr. Edward was given. He was also told to test the feasibility of using camels in the southwestern desert. The road also became part of route 66.

What many people do not know is that in the past, the road was named after public corporations. What we know today as route 66 was marked by three highways. The National Old Trails is one of these highways. The other two were; the lone star route as the transcontinental route. 

Route 66 was made shorten a lot of routes. The transcontinental route, for instance, was padded through St. Louis to Los Angeles. Through Route 66, the path would pass through Ozark trails and end at national Oil Trails. This particular route was way shorter, which enabled people to get to the other side faster.  It was until 1926 that the numerical 66 was assigned to Route 66. The route, however, declined in 1956. It was then decommissioned in 1985. This was a result of the singing of the interstate highway act.

States and Cities along Route 66


Route 66 western Terminus was located in California, specifically in Santa Monica. It ran through major cities like Los Angeles and San Bernardino. Let us not forget Santa Monica.


The route covered a distance of 40 miles. It passed through Topock Gorge, Oatman, and Kingman.

New Mexico

In New Mexico, it passed through Albuquerque and Las Vegas.


Route 66 covered a distance of 178 miles in Texas. It passed through Amarillo all the way to Shamrock.


In Oklahoma, route 66 passed through Sayre as it entered Oklahoma City. 


Galena and Baxter Springs were the cities in Kansas where Route 66 passed through.


Route 66 passed through the city of Waynesville on its way to St. Louis.


Covering a distance of 301 miles, the route passed through Pontiac and came to an end at Lake Shore Drive.



The “I” in i40m refers to interstate. An interstate highway is a road that connects two or more countries. Even though the United States of America is considered one nation; there are still states. That is why this particular highway is called an interstate. Interstate 40, also known as i40, is one of the major roads in the United States of America. It runs through the central portion of the country, cutting across from east to west. It is to the north of the i10, i20, i30, all of which are major interstate highways in America. It is, however, south of i70.

States and Cities Along i40


Here i40 covers a distance of 155 miles and passes through Barstow.


In Arizona, i40 covers a distance of 359 miles. It passes through the Grand Canyon Parka and the Navajo Nation.

New Mexico

It goes through Gallup, Grants, on its way to Tucumcari.


Amarillo is the only major city covered by i40 in Texas.


I40 passes through Yukon, Del City, Shawnee, as it ends at Roland.


I40 runs through Arkansas through the Ozark Mountains in Ozark, heading to Russellville. It comes to an end at Conway.


I40 passes through Nashville, heading to Newport.

North Carolina

It passes through Hickory, Piedmont, and Triad. It comes to an end at the eastern terminus in Wilmington.


Are they the same?

It is no secret that there are similarities between route 66 and i40. Both roads move in the same direction, and they cut through similar states. But the answer to the question, is route 66 and i40 similar is no. Basally, route 66 and i40 are two different roads that are parallel to each other. The overlapping feature is seen clearly when you are in the western part of i40. When traveling from Oklahoma City to Barstow, you will see that i40 parallels route 66. This then means that they are two completely different routes.



Route 66 was a remarkable piece of art that was built over 100 years ago and served the needs of many. Following the signing of the interstate highways act, the route declined significantly. It was later on decommissioned. That is what gave rise to interstate highways like i40. It is very easy to confuse route 66 and i40, seeing that they cross many states together. But one thing is crystal clear; they are not the same. They pass through different cities and are parallel to each other.

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